Pet fish and fish supplies for sale in Cupertino, CA

Selling an empty aquarium tank with accessories. Good for people looking to have a small tank at their home. All parts included. Looking for $75 OBO. twenty gallon glass tank Gravel + decorative stone + fishnet Aqueon Submersible Aquarium Heater (100 W) Aqueon QuietFlow Fresh & Saltwater Aquarium Filter Rena Air pump
Hi! I have a 1-Day Legoland + Sea Life Hopper ticket. The pass has no age limit and expires June 14, 2016. Asking for $65. Thanks!
I looking for some passes for the monterey aquarium for a couple of full grown and a 3yrs old kids.
10 in deep, twenty in long, twelve in tall. $5. I purchased from Walmart for about $15. http://www.walmart.com/ip/Basic-Aquarium-empty-10-gallon-Fish-Aquatic-Pets/10312733 IF you are nearby, I might be able to deliver. Leah 650 274 XXXX, text or email please. Thank you.
Images to come soon (out of town, email me and I'll send you them) 40 gallon breeder tank Fluval six External Canister Filter Heater Fan (don't really know what this is called but it circulates water) Really good lighting system
Selling a 10-gallon fish tank. Comes with a 100w heater, gravel, Roman themed decorations, undergravel filter, air pump, fake plants, thermometer, 1 fish net, one liter of water conditioner. A fully functioning aquarium system/everything you need to start your tank.
Selling two 10-gallon fish tanks. $60 each. Each comes with a 100w heater, gravel, decorations, undergravel filter, fake plants, thermometer. Have 1 fish net, 2 fish bowls, and left over food (each tank held 1 betta). One of the tanks has a light and a cover. A cover for the other tank can easily be purchased on Amazon. The photos are accurate except that I replaced the real plants pictured wit...
Hi, we are moving and selling this baby bathtub: http://www.amazon.com/Fisher-Price-Ocean-Wonders-Aquarium-Center/dp/B002C499CW/ref=sr_1_1?rps=1&ie=UTF8&qid=143805XXXX&sr=8-1&keywords=fisher+price+baby+bathtub I am not sure where the purple bath toy went. Pick up at Stanford University.
similar to the 1 below with water treatment and fish treatment chemicals included. moving/ free to 1st person who emails me. pickup in sunnyvale/mountain view area https://www.google.com/shopping/product/12107939641677018955?lsf=seller:8064,store:7144237988671656311&prds=oid:1160923666648527044&q=10+gallon+fish+tank&hl=en&ei=YN2oV4guwriPA4r3nMAJ&lsft=utm_source:GOOGLE,utm_term:,utm_medium:cpc,u...
Used but like new condition. German engineered aquarium filter. Two were purchased, but one was enough filtration for my 75 gallon fish tank. So this has been sitting in storage for a few years. All Eheim Professionel II Thermofilters offer the desired constant temperature, due to their integrated electronically controlled heaters. Heater element protected at the base of the filter Temperature ...
My wonderful betta fish passed away on May last year and I haven't used it since. I washed the whole thing out and scrubbed it well. It's in terrific condition. Comes with crystal beads for the floor, plastic plants, automatic heater, thermometer, filter (you do have to buy a cartridge for that) and led light. It comes in the original box with instructions. I still have my fish's betta food (I ...
5 gallon fish tank cover with lamp thermostat (waterproof) pump gravel Can deliver to Menlo Park, Palo Alto and Stanford. Please email if interested (price negotiable). Thanks and have fun!
Top quality L zebra Hypancistrus catfish. Very Affordable promotional prices. We can deliver to almost anywhere in the world without any troubles.. contact for prices and all other information L L L L L L L L L L L Hypancistrus Contra Dens Rotpunkt Ancistrus Ancistrus sp. Rio Tocantins red neon Dornauge banded Indian tower snail predator snail Anentome helena Sulawesi Inlandsgarnelewe breed and...
Fluval View oval plastic aquarium (4 gallon) in fantastic condition. 17.25" x 9" x 15.25" Perfect for guppies and other small tropical fish! Comes with one gallon bowl and pump for changing the water, water heater, 30 extra filters, and several supplies to keep the water at the proper ph, etc. (accessories valued at $60). See images for more info.
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